Veduta™ shows related system activity on one page. The screenshot below shows 5 related systems and how they're interacting. Chart height indicates activity, and errors, warnings and other significant events are shown under each chart. The tooltip shows activity at each point in time.



An alternative display format is to use strips to represent activity. The denser shading indicates greater activity. Errors, warnings and other significant events are show using coloured strips. The tooltip shows activity at each point in time.



Veduta™ makes navigating through logs trivial. Step through day-by-day, or use the menus to view the last week's activity. An integrated calendar allows you to view activity for a particular date immediately, and shows you an overview of activity on that date as you move over each date on the calendar. Further menus allow you to immediately see the last activity for a given log.



Veduta™ allows you to search through its log database and navigate from the search results direct to a log view or the graphical reports. Because Veduta™ gathers logs from multiple hosts you can trivially search logs from multiple machines at once and correlate activity from different servers as easily as if search one file.


See some examples for demonstrations on how Veduta can help you manage your systems. Or download a trial edition today!

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