Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Veduta™ do ?
  2. Veduta displays multiple log files in a graphical format, using charts to highlight log activity, error messages etc.

  3. Why do this ?
  4. Traditional log viewer applications require a line-by-line analysis of system activity. However they don't easily allow a high level view of what's going on across your system.

    Using Veduta you can view your complete system activity on one page, and answer questions like:

    • Did any errors occur last night ?
    • Did an error on one system affect another system ?
    • How busy is my system compared to last week / month ?

    Because Veduta is presenting a graphical view of a system's activity, you can identify patterns and occurrences much more quickly/intuitively than by searching through the text of the log files.

    You can drill down through the graphical display to find any systems' log entries of particular interest.

  5. How does Veduta™ work ?
  6. Veduta works by analysing multiple log files and Windows event logs, matching against patterns and then creating a report page with a graphical summary of the contents of the log file.

  7. How can Veduta™ identify errors or other messages ?
  8. You can configure Veduta to highlight error messages in your log files by specifying patterns and the corresponding colours to highlight these in. For examples severe errors can be highlighted in red, warnings in orange etc.

  9. How can Veduta™ identify how busy my system is ?
  10. The simplest way to do this is to configure Veduta to measure how fast your system is logging (whether it's a particular set of messages, or just messages in general). You can tie different rates to different colours. e.g. the simplest configuration is to link how often a log file updates to a greyscale, so increasing log rates result in a darker graphical scale.

  11. How does Veduta™ help in managing multiple systems/logs ?
  12. Veduta can display multiple log results on the same page. Using this feature you can immediately see how errors / activity propogate through and across the system. e.g. if a real time feed goes down/up, you'll be able to see the effect on systems downstream and determine which ones have responded correctly.

  13. My system spans several servers. Can Veduta™ handle this ?
  14. Yes. Veduta can run in a client/server mode. Each Veduta client runs on a separate server and feeds the results back to a central Veduta server, which collates all the logs in one report.

  15. Who are the reports from Veduta™ for ?
  16. The Veduta reports are suitable for:

    • System administrators, who need to monitor a system's performance and operation
    • Developers, who need to find and diagnose problems rapidly
    • Managers, who need a high altitude view of how systems are operating without concern for the low-level details.

    Veduta allows users to view the system as a whole, and then drill down to individual events if need be.

  17. Veduta™ sounds exactly like what I need ! How do I get a copy ?
  18. You can purchase here. Veduta is available with a 30 day money back guarantee.

  19. What documentation do I get with Veduta™ ?
  20. Veduta comes with a complete instruction set - also available online. Or contact us for more information.

  21. Can I try Veduta™ ?
  22. A 30 day time-limited download is available here. Or you can launch a demo of Veduta on your machine right now

  23. I'd like to know something not covered here.
  24. Then please contact us and we can answer your question directly.

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