Examples of Veduta™ in action

The following two examples demonstrate how Veduta can interpret and present system behaviour in a simple and easy-interpretable single page display. The Veduta download comes with a variety of examples ready to use out-of-the-box on a variety of systems and comprehensive instructions

Monitoring system behaviour and events

A common requirement is to monitor systems for events (e.g. warnings, errors and subsequent failure or recovery). The below shows a typical Veduta display highlighting system behaviour and system events across a collection of webservers, application server and their underlying databases.

The above display 5 price feeds and servers over the course of one day. You can colour charts as required, and display markers to indicate different activity (servers starting and stopping, errors, warnings etc.). Red markers indicate errors. Orange markers indicate warnings. Green markers indicate servers starting and stopping.

The display instantly reveals:

  • the Market Data Feed starting up in the morning (a burst of activity). The Market Data Sink starts up at the same time, and waits for data. Once the Feed stops, the Market Data Sink begins processing and feeds data to the Basis Calculator.
  • The Risk Metrics calculators begin processing shortly afterwards. The Risk Metrics (Simple) calculator finishes prior to the Risk Metrics (Complex) calculator, and gets busier during its run.
  • The Basis Calculator 1 encounters an error mid-way through its run.
  • and the tooltip window shows the relevant log as you move the mouse across the chart.


Immediately you can see far more information than you would do by reading log files. By displaying the information graphically you can communicate issues instantly to technical and non-technical audiences alike.

If you want to investigate further, Veduta allows you to dig deeper and view the logs recorded by Veduta, or download them as text files.


Monitoring system performance

Often there's a requirement to monitor the performance of systems and monitor their behaviour over days, weeks, or months. The below shows a set of Veduta reports for a system and illustrates how Veduta can highlight changes in performance over a week in a simple and intuitive fashion.

Click to view an earlier report Sunday Click to view a later report


  Use the blue arrow buttons to step through a week's worth of reports.

  • Veduta shows the system to be largely inactive on Saturday and Sunday.
  • From Monday through to Friday the system is performing more and more work, indicated by the charts shown in the diagrams. Without detailed analysis of the system logs, it's immediately apparent (especially to a non-technical audience) how the system load is increasing.

More examples are shipped with the trial edition, available for download today!

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